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Would you

love to learn to meditate but don't know where to start?

Would you

like to feel more calm, focused and in control of your reactions?

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Does feeling more in control of your mind sound good to you?




  • An Introductory Video
  • A Meditation Guide (PDF)
  • An Audio Visualisation
  • Lifetime Access

A Beginners Guide To Meditation

Gain all the benefits of meditation through simple, to the point information and easy steps to get you started.

  • An Introductory Video - talking you through the benefits of meditation and why is matters
  • A Meditation Guide - A simple set of options for your meditation and a set of guidelines for how to start your meditation practice - easy! This workbook can either be printed out so you can make notes on it or you can use it as a tool to prompt your reflections in your journal or on a simple piece of paper.
  • An Audio Visualisation - A beautiful guided meditation aimed at healing and calming you.

Everything You Need To Know


This beginners guide to meditation programme will simplify and distill the information you need into bitesized, actionable steps - I want you to have quick wins and big results.

Every day life can leave us feeling that we are at the mercy of our circumstances and battered by the situations we encounter. We can find ourselves needing to feel busy or distracted because it feels uncomfortable to just 'be'.

Meditation is a way of learning to feel more in control of our mind and where we put our focus. It allows us to find a sense of calm and stillness inside that we didn't even know was there. From this place of calm, the insights and understanding of ourselves that we can gain are priceless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready To Harness The Benefits Of Meditation?

This masterclass is designed to help you to get started straight away. No need for hours of research, reading books or finding time to go to classes. Just follow the simple guidelines and implement. The benefits of meditation do not come from thinking about meditation, they come from actually meditating.