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like to learn how to become more mindful?

Would you

like to know how to use mindfulness to help you?

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  • Video Lessons
  • A Downloadable Workbook (PDF)
  • An Audio Visualisation
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Mindfulness Essentials

Being present literally gives you more life to live! Learn to easily use mindfulness to support you in daily life.

  • 8 Video Lessons - talking you through the different ways you can practice being mindful, why it matters and tools you can use to be more mindful
  • A Downloadable Workbook to support you to reflect on your current experience and note down your reflections on the video exercises (you can print this workbook or use it to prompt your reflections in a journal or on a good old scrap of paper!)
  • An Audio Visualisation to bring this mindfulness process to life whilst also relaxing you.

Everything You Need To Know

On an every day basis, we are incredibly distracted and our minds can go to so many unhelpful places, including dwelling on the past or the future, worrying, overthinking or catastrophising. We are missing the present moment of our lives through being so distracted. We can correct this through learning to be mindful.

The human mind is like an untrained puppy. Mindfulness is about learning to notice where it has gone and getting it to come back when you call it.

Being mindful has so many far reaching benefits, including allowing you to be able to focus on reading a good novel, committing to learning a language, experiencing a deeper bond with your partner, trying something new, feeling in charge of your worries...etc
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Ready To Be More Mindful?

This masterclass is designed to help you to get started straight away. No need for hours of research, reading books or finding time to go to classes. Just follow the simple guidelines and implement. The benefits of mindfulness do not come from thinking about it, they come from practicing it.