Your Stress Matters


All The Tools You Need To Reduce The Impact Of Stress In Your Life

 Being part of the modern world naturally brings with it a certain amount of stress, before we even think about considering jobs, businesses, families, children, colleagues etc.

A certain amount of stress is an inevitable part of life. Most of us can't simply get rid of stressful things in our lives so we have to learn to manage our stress better in order to feel well and thrive in the modern world.

The ‘Your Stress Matters’ Programme exists because I know that it is absolutely possible to drastically improve your everyday experience of life without having to make huge sacrifices - I have done it for myself and I have supported hundreds of others to do it too.

You can take responsibility and make the decision to empower yourself with the best tools, techniques and strategies to reduce the impact of stress in your life.

Is The 'Your Stress Matters' Programme For Me?

1. Do you find yourself wishing you could take a break from your life because the stress is just to much?

Does life ever feel overwhelming, like you are on a treadmill you can’t quite keep up with? Do you wish you could feel more resilient, optimistic and in control?
Maybe you would love to be able to switch off better so you could enjoy your life better.
If you can identify with any of the above, you are in the right place.

2. If you want to take control of the quality of your life...

and your health then yes, absolutely it is for you. This programme only requires that you are open to making small changes to see big results. It is designed for busy and stressed out people so everything is broken down into bitesized pieces of information, and small, easy to implement habits.

3. A self paced programme to reduce stress

Everything in this programme has come from my real world experience of working with people in therapy to change their experience of life. Effectively, you have weeks or months of therapeutic intervention condensed down into one easy to follow, self paced programme that you can access from anywhere.

Programme FAQ's

The content of the programme is broken down into 4 distinct sections which follow my framework of the 4 R’s of Stress Management:

Stress head


Understand stress, gain clarity, recognise what is happening to you and recognise your triggers

Stress head


Discover how to change your stress experience without having to change anything drastic about your life (it's easier than you might think)

Stress head


How to reduce your stress now and feel better

Stress head


Protect yourself from stress every day by using simple techniques. Learn to feel in control of how you feel

What's Included In The Programme?



Your Stress Matters

  • 35 step by step videos

  • 20 audio downloads

  • 18 downloadable or fillable worksheets

  • 5 Case studies for inspiration


35 step by step videos - each one short and easy to digest. These cover everything you need to know from understanding stress and gaining insight on how it is affecting you, how to reduce your current stress levels and how to proactively protect yourself from stress every single day.

20 audio downloads for relaxation and to help you put techniques into practice.

18 downloadable or fillable worksheets to help you reflect on what you are learning.

5 Case studies for inspiration

Once purchased, you will have access to the 'your stress matters' programme and any updates for as long as the course exists. This means you can go through the course in its entirety, completely at your own pace and then dip in and out as you need or wish at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What They Say..


The programme really helped me to realise how much of an impact stress was having on my life and to understand myself and the symptoms I'd been experiencing so much better. It has given me so many helpful approaches and tools to really improve things for myself. Lots of small changes have had a huge impact for me. Because the videos and exercises are broken down into quite short chunks I found that I could fit it in to my days easily even if I only had 10 minutes to spare some days. I can't recommend this programme enough to people, it has helped me to feel so much better on a daily basis and I'm sure it would do the same for anyone who is struggling with stress.


I think that the course is excellent, and I’m really pleased that I signed up for it. I really like the fact that the modules are generally quite short and punchy. An amazing amount of content is covered. I find that the worksheets are also useful and well thought out.

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