Do you find

that your mood takes a dive through the Autumn and Winter months?

Do you always

find the colder and darker months take their toll on your wellbeing?

Do you think

of half of the year as time you just have to survive but wish you could hibernate?

Winter Wellbeing



  • An Introductory Video
  • A Printable Workbook 
  • A Weekly Planner
  • An Audio Visualisation
  • Lifetime Access

Your Winter Wellbeing Survival Kit

Protect your wellbeing during the darker months.

  • An Introductory Video - explaining the concept of planning for your wellbeing during the winter months
  • A 10 Page Printable Workbook - with questions and prompts to get you thinking about and planning your own wellbeing for winter
  • A Weekly Planner - to help you put your plans into action
  • A 20 Minute Downloadale Audio Visualisation - to help you to ‘hack’ your body chemistry and get the feel good hormones flowing even on the darkest days.

Once you enrol you get immediate access so you can get started right away.

Everything You Need To Know


I consider myself to be solar powered and I used to really struggle with Autumn and Winter. I just wished the time away until we could get back to Spring again. My mood would significantly dip, my motivation was non existent and i struggled to feel there was much point in anything. I would also always notice my self esteem dive and a sense of anxiety be closer to the surface as a reaction to my lower mood.

Over the years, I found more and more ways to deal with this time of year which meant my winters could be happier, more productive and a valuable time of year. What’s more, the better I felt through Winter, the better I felt when we transitioned into Spring and I was hitting the ground running in terms of my wellbeing.

These days, I enjoy making my wellbeing plans for Autumn and Winter and feel significantly better as a result. It will never be my favourite time of year but it now serves a purpose in my life. We can coexist more happily together and it is certainly no longer detrimental to my wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready To Manage Your Wellbeing This Winter?

In my counselling and therapy practice, I began to notice that the ways I had developed to protect my wellbeing during the darker months also worked really effectively for other people. So, I decided to create this masterclass with the intention of helping you too.